Free Financial Advice in Jacksonville, FL

Get free financial advice in Jacksonville, FL, during a consultation with the experts at New Financial. We understand that managing your money is hard, especially when big changes are happening in your life. No matter if you want to find a financial planner to work with over the years or just get quick advice for one problem, our firm is here for you.Free Financial Advice

Our firm has over 25 years of experience working with private individuals and businesses, so we can provide insightful guidance on almost any issue. Take advantage of our expertise to get the advice you need to achieve your ambitions. Visit us for a free consultation today to request financial advice for your specific situation.

When Seeing an Advisor Matters Most

There are several points in your life where you would be wise to seek professional advice on your finances. One of these crucial points is when you start working your first job. Regardless of how much you are earning, you should seek insight from an expert on how much to set aside money for retirement, as well as how to utilize your employer’s benefits to the fullest.

Marriages and divorces are also times when getting professional financial advice is important, since these life events have a huge impact on your financial situation. You must discuss your finances with your spouse and determine how — or whether — key items will be divided. By bringing an unbiased third party into this discussion, you can avoid making a mistake you will later regret. In addition, you should talk to an advisor as your parents begin to age to figure out how to pay for the care they need and start planning ahead.

As you start thinking about your own retirement, be sure to make an appointment with a professional for financial advice. We recommend meeting a financial planner in your 40s to start developing a savings strategy for your retirement — and you should begin saving money well before then. Likewise, when you are preparing to pass on your wealth, it is wise to talk to an advisor about reducing estate taxes, avoiding probate, setting aside money for your final expense, and so on.

See an Advisor to Manage Your New-Found Wealth

No matter if you got a huge bonus from work, came into a large inheritance, or even struck gold with the state lottery, it can be hard to figure out how to manage new-found wealth. Unfortunately, many people end up spending their money on unnecessary items or poor investments. Safeguard your wealth by seeking financial advice from a professional you can trust. At our firm, we point you towards reliable financial products that grow your money rather than squander it. We also answer any questions you may have about how taxes apply to your windfall and how this new money can affect your long-term plans.

Get the Advice You Need Online

While we encourage all clients to come see us in person for a free consultation, we are also proud to provide online financial advice through our web portal. Our firm knows that it can be difficult to make time for an appointment in the middle of a busy schedule. We also understand that traveling can be hard for some people. That is why we make our web advice portal available in addition to our standard consultations at our office. If you need any help using the portal, please talk to our staff and we will assist you. You are always welcome to make an appointment for a free, in-person consultation after making use of our web portal.

Contact our firm to learn more about how to receive free financial advice from our professionals. We proudly serve clients throughout Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding area.