Financial Planning Services in Jacksonville, FL

Predicting the future is impossible, but planning for it is practical. Start working towards your financial goals by consulting with the team at New Financial. Our firm provides short- and long-term financial planning services in Jacksonville, FL, and the nearby communities. We work with both private individuals and business owners. No matter what you hope to achieve in the future, we have the necessary knowledge and resources to help you plot a course to your goals and make the journey there.

Your First Meeting with Our Financial Planner

At your first appointment with a financial planner from our firm, the number one objective is to outline your goals. This includes what you want to accomplish within the next few months, years, and decades.

Once we have determined your priorities, the next step for our financial planners is to determine your current financial standing. We help you list your assets and any debts and liabilities you have. Financial PlanningThe more information we have to work with the better we can serve you, so be sure to let us know about what you currently have in your bank accounts and investment portfolios — as well as what money you owe, your credit score, and so on.

When we have finished gathering information on your objectives and your current circumstances, our planner creates a plan customized for your specific needs. This road map includes immediate actions to take, items to consider later on, and on-going habits to form. Talk to our financial planning staff if you have any questions or concerns about the plan we develop for you.

Ongoing Support to Help You Achieve Your Goals

We understand that making a plan and actually putting it into action are two very different things. That is why we provide on-going support to ensure you achieve your goals. First, we help you implement the immediate actions dictated in your custom plan. Once everything is in motion, we check in with you on a routine basis to see how the plan is progressing. If adjustments need to be made, we recommend them to you. Likewise, if your circumstances change drastically, our financial planners revise your road map. You are also always welcome to approach us if you have any inquiries about your plan.

Why You Should Partner with a Planner

Working with a planner allows you to be ready for life’s biggest moments. We help you prepare for buying your first house, sending your kids off to a university, starting a business, spending your golden years comfortably retired, and even getting your affairs in order at the end of your life. By getting ready ahead of time, you can enjoy your present life in full without underlying concerns about your future. Take advantage of our financial planning services today to take control of your life.

Start Planning for Your Future with a Free Consultation

Schedule a free consultation with our firm when you are ready to start planning for your future. During your session with us, we provide you with information about our firm and the many different financial services we offer our clients. We also begin discussing your goals and how our financial planners can help you make them a reality.

Perhaps more importantly, this consultation is a chance for you to find out if our team is a good fit for you. When working with financial planners, it is important to find a partner you can trust since it is a long-term process. We look forward to meeting with you and demonstrating why we are the right fit for your needs.

Contact our company for details on our short-term and long-term financial planning services. We proudly serve clients throughout Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding area.